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I'm so excited to announce my new book Dragon Plus+
This field is full of strange hybrid creatures including dragon-unicorns, mermaids, manticores and so much more! Kickstarter launch is planned for March 13th! More details coming soon!

March 2nd and 3rd you can come see me at Tent #355 at the Tucson Festival of books! (Map with my tent marked here HERE!). You can ALSO come see me at the 4th Ave Street Fair March 22-24. I will be located in the SOLAR LOT which is the parking lot next to SkyBar on 4th ave. My tent will be on the left side as you face the lot (next to 5th street).

At both events I will have lots of cool stuff including framed originals for sale AND special edition collectors sets of my new oracle deck (leftover sets, if any, will be available in my online store after the events).

I do personal and commercial commissions featuring wildlife, nature, fantasy, steampunk, pets, dragons, clockwork, and so forth. If you are interested in hiring me please see my page about commissions and send me an email. I try to respond to all emails within a day or two. My work schedule is often packed with paintings for my Patreon Subscribers so please try to contact me early for commissions!

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